As an artist I have always been drawn to the eyes whether it is people or animals. I always start every portrait with the eyes. When I was a teenager I would draw faces all the time.  I used photographs of anyone, just as long as their face and eyes intrigued me. I would draw from family photos, album covers, magazines or wherever I found an interesting face.

Although I still love creating portraits I eventually got bored with drawing only portraits. I love bright colors and portraits are very limiting when it comes to color so I took a couple of private oil painting lessons which led to me painting bright and colorful florals and eventually to painting landscapes. Surprisingly I was initially intimidated by landscapes and my first attempts were horrid and thrown away.  Eventually I quit trying to keep them realistic and focused on the fabulous colors which resulted in painting “Winter Daze.”  

I always have way more ideas for the next paintings than I have time to paint them.  I love when I have nothing else to do , but paint all day.  Hours drift by without a concern in the world as a new art piece unfolds.  It is what I would do every day if I could.